New Institute Publications

The Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism is proud to announce two new publications in 2019:

Upcoming Institute Conference: The Artfull Brain
October 28, 2019

Sponsored by Institue for Studies in Pragmaticism, this research workshop and lecture series targets two major fields of brain study from the interdisciplinary perspective of Semeiotic: Neuroaesthetics and Biology of the Mind. Click here for conference details!

About the Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism

Charles Sanders Peirce

Charles Sanders Peirce, 1839-1914

The INSTITUTE FOR STUDIES IN PRAGMATICISM is the first and oldest organized center for research on the life and works of CHARLES SANDERS PEIRCE (1839-1914), the American Physicist, Mathematician, Logician, and Engineer,
one of the greatest interdisciplinary scientists in history.

Founded during the 1971-72 academic year at
TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY in Lubbock, Texas by
Charles S. Hardwick and Kenneth L. Ketner,

Our mission is to facilitate study of the life and works of Peirce and his continuing influence within interdisciplinary science.

prag-mat-i-cism -- the philosophic doctrine of C. S. Peirce
prag-mat-i-cist -- an advocate of pragmaticism

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of the English Language

1993 unabridged edition, page 1781

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